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New Level Staffing is a strategic small business staffing solution firm that is Woman- Owned, located in Wilmington, Delaware. We mobilize the right people with proper knowledge, skills, and abilities, to help an organization improve its business performance. Our recruiting processes target, engage, and qualify top talent to fill any position on demand and budget. 


This unique model integrates online, mobile, social media, call centers, and community-centric events. The New Level Staffing Approach is tailored to support all business types from small scale to large scale offices and manufacturing facilities. We enable clients to proactively execute, measure, and continuously improve each staffing initiative. New Level Staffing is committed to creating innovative, flexible solutions for government and commercial clients.   

Why New Level Staffing? Our clients are in the business of changing the world. New Level Staffing ensures they have the best and most cost-effective staffing solutions to make that happen. 

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